Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mmmm...shiny DX6i

My latest addition to my kit arrived on Monday - a new transmitter! It's a beautiful Spektrum DX6i, 6-channel 2.4ghz unit. And the total cost when delivered to my door was $294 from ModelFlight in South Australia. I love these guys, and will only buy somewhere else if they are out of stock.

People tell me I needed to have purchased a more expensive transmitter with like 7 channels or more. Bollocks to them! All I want to do is fly planes with ailerons and maybe have flaps and retractable landing gear. 6-channels does that just fine thankyouverymuch.

Anway, Spektrum make excellent kit and I just love the feel of it. However I can't use the darn thing yet because only my Aerobird can really be upgraded to stock electrics and I didn't have either an Electronic Speed Controller (read that as "a throttle for an electric motor"), nor any servos. The transmitter came with a very tidy little Spektrum AR6200 receiver.

This little receiver has two antennas, which you mount at 90 degrees to each other to increase the reliability of your signal. And they work up to three miles. MILES! Good Lord, about the most I fly away from myself is a hundred FEET!

Well to ensure I don't have a DX6i sitting on my desk for ages gathering dust, I picked up a 30-amp brushed ESC for $25 (the Aerobird has a 540 motor with a prop that only causes it to pull about 20 amps), and a a pack of six servos, also for $25. Sure they're cheap chinese servos with nylon gears, but I'm still starting out and my whole ethos at the moment is don't waste lots of money when you are just going to crash and need to spend it again.

Some of you will say I'm stupid and that maybe I wouldn't crash if I used expensive gear but I disagree with that. Most stuff that goes wrong at this level of experience is caused by the muppet at the transmitter, not dud gear. Give me about a year and then you'll see me bitching about stripping the gears out of my servos, but not before!

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