Thursday, June 11, 2009

Converting a Spektrum DX5e from Mode 1 to Mode 2

Hi folks,

I should probably first post that the reason I have a DX5e is that it came with my ParkZone Radian RTF kit. This thing is a beauty and if you check out the YouTube videos you might also fall in love. I'll post later about the Radian.

Anyway, since I live in Australia the DX5e 2.4Ghz transmitter came as Mode-1. I hate Mode 1, so I decided to convert it to Mode 2. It's so easy, even the muppet managed it!

First up, note that there are five switches on the front of your DX5e. Actually there are six switches, but the sixth one is covered up.

Once you remove the screws from the back of the case and pop the front off, you will notice the sixth switch on the right. It's labelled "JR_SW", and this sets the Mode between 1 and 2.

You have to flick that switch down to make your TX Mode-2, which tells the onboard computer which sticks are the throttle and elevators. Having set that, you lastly need to move the springs and throttle "clicker" from one stick to the other. It requires a small phillips head screwdriver, good lighting, and some patience. So, rather than bore you with the details you can watch my YouTube videos below which show how to do this to a similar device. Fundamentally the procedure is identical but some of the screws are in slightly different places. Don't worry, you'll get it!


  1. as chiefman said! thanks heaps buddy! people like you make life easier, I too bought a radian in mode 1 im in NZ, everywhere only has mode 1 in stock so not much of a choice but all is well thanks to your help cheers mate!

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  3. Hi there,
    Thanks for your instructions. I followed every details and it all went smoothly!

    But! No I connect the radio to my Phoenix sim it doesn't receive and channel info - i.e. moving the joystick controllers have no effect.

    Is there something I missed??

    RC newbie

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