Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's go back a step with the M-41

I thought I'd show you the assembly instructions for the Papercraft M-41.

Looks simple, no?


Each of the above pages probably represents 10 hours of effort for a learner. I was figuring 30 hours to complete, but I'm still on page 1 after eight hours and I think I have at least another four to go.

I am making progress though:

This is the majority of the upper receiver, yet there are 28 parts left, out of a total of 65 parts for this component. Glueing these two pieces together is going to be a bitch, because there is a lot of stress at the joins. I'm going to need a lot of glue and then be very gentle with the combined pieces until I get the pistol grip and chamber attached.

Still very keen on getting this done, even with all the effort. I am unsure if this means I am learning better patience as I get older, or if I just like this gun too much. Possibly the latter.

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